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Building an orphanage in Malawi


Building an orphanage in Malawi

Commitment in Malawi

Malawi is a low-income country with one of the highest population densities in sub-Saharan Africa. The economy depends on agriculture and is highly vulnerable to climatic conditions. The country is characterized by a heavy burden of disease. Diseases such as tuberculosis, malaria, HIV/AIDS and other tropical diseases result in high mortality rates among children. For both children and adults, healthy life expectancy (HALE) at birth was 44 years in 2007. In many cases, the father dies, leaving behind a widow and fatherless children. In other cases, both parents die, and the orphans are at best taken in by relatives or orphanages. This is precisely where Swiss Barakah aims to help those in need through local involvement. In concrete terms, orphans are given long-term support and prospects. In addition, the community is supported through effective and valuable learning and healthcare provision.

Project location

One of the main objectives was to build the project as close to the city as possible. The team therefore succeeded, with great commitment, in purchasing a good plot of land in the immediate vicinity of a village, along a major traffic route to the capital Blantyre, with a direct connection to the existing electricity and water networks. Schools and major amenities are nearby. As well as hosting local families in need with orphans, the village’s convenient location and proximity offer many people daily access to the community center, school and medical center. A place where people can meet, exchange ideas and receive lasting help.

Building project

Thanks to your donation, Swiss Barakah is realizing a unique project in Malawi with the following services for orphans and the surrounding community

1. 8x orphan care apartments (~3x semi-orphaned children per family).

2. 1x education center

3. 1x medical center

4. 1x community center

5. 1x large playground for small children

6. 1x large playground for older children

7. green spaces Orphan care apartmentsWe have deliberately chosen to build apartments for widowed women and their children. This enables the orphaned children to develop in a safe and loving environment, and to attend the local school. The mother is supported financially and trained at the local community learning center according to her abilities and interests. In addition, the mother is supported in all areas, with the aim of being able to support the family in the future and generate a sustainable income. Once this goal has been achieved, Swiss Barakah supports the family to establish itself and assert itself in society over the long term. The apartment will then be made available to a selected needy family with half-orphaned children.

Education center

Swiss Barakah is also building a learning and training center with two spacious classrooms. The offer is not only aimed at widowed mothers, but is also accessible to all women in the surrounding community. Medical center In addition to orphan support and apprenticeships,

Swiss Barakah also aims to provide the community with medical care, and to offer efficient and rapid on-site support. Two spacious rooms will be set up for this purpose, and collaboration with a local doctor or the association Médecins sans Frontières will be sought.

Community center

As a fourth core element, Swiss Barakah is building a community center with a kitchen and a large hall. This center will be used to organize regular distributions and fund-raising events, as well as cultural events. Playgrounds and green spaces Swiss Barakah’s aim is to offer children and families the opportunity to move around and socialize on site in complete safety and with great pleasure, while developing their motor and social skills. That’s why we’ve created extensive playgrounds and green spaces for young and old alike.