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Emergency Africa

Aide d'urgence Afrique
Your donation has the power to save lives. The smallest amount counts.


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    Deine Spende hat die Möglichkeit, Leben zu retten. Jede Spende hilft.

    Emergency Africa

    The prices of basic foodstuffs have risen sharply. On the ground, we often meet people who are not able to feed their children or even to buy food for themselves. This situation was already difficult before the current crises, but unfortunately it has worsened greatly, with prices doubling in some cases. There is an urgent need for emergency food aid!

    We are currently busy distributing food parcels with essential items to help people cope with this crisis. Our teams on the ground are facing a huge demand from those in need. Let’s support them during this difficult time.

    With your donation, we can immediately support such projects, among others.
    We refer to the provisions of our donation regulations.