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Emergency aid Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

Aide d'urgence en Albanie, au Kosovo et en Macédoine
Your donation has the power to save lives. The smallest amount counts.


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    Your donation has the power to save lives. The smallest amount counts.

    Emergency aid Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia

    Our work in Albania began in 2019 after a devastating earthquake shook the region.

    We assisted in the renovation of damaged buildings and supported families with essential necessities for months. Since then, we have been actively involved in Albania and have extended our assistance to Kosovo and Macedonia.

    The economic crisis is hitting the most vulnerable hardest.
    Unfortunately, the situation in the Balkans, like in many other regions worldwide, has worsened. Due to the pandemic, many people have lost their sources of income, and food prices continue to rise globally. Those who already had little are feeling this impact even more profoundly. That’s why we distribute your help in the form of Zakat and food parcels directly to those in need on the ground.

    In addition to emergency aid, we also have long-term projects on-site.
    In Albania, we completely renovated a maternity clinic in the Gramesh region, equipping it with new facilities. In Kosovo, we set up rooms for children with Down syndrome, and in Macedonia, we provided new furniture and distributed school materials to children, along with equipping classrooms.

    This is just a small part of our commitment on the ground. Currently, we are building a new school in Kosovo, and for young people with Down syndrome, we are creating a restaurant in Mitrovica where they can work.

    Many more projects will follow to help the local communities in the long term.

    With your donation, we can immediately support such projects, among others.
    We refer to the provisions of our donation regulations.