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Winter emergency aid

Aide d'urgence pour l'hiver
Your donation has the power to save lives. The smallest amount counts.


the amount of your donation:

    The amount of your donation:

    Your donation has the power to save lives. Every donation helps.

    Winter emergency aid

    While we make ourselves comfortable at home, there are people in the refugee camps who have been spending the freezing winter in tents for 9 years.
    We can give warmth together this winter!

    The teams of Swiss Barakah Charity will be on site to distribute bread, hot meals, blankets and winter packages with life-saving items.
    You can choose one of the following categories or just donate a general amount to Winter Relief and we will put the money where it is needed most!
    What do you want to do for those in need?

    Bread for a family

    For 1.- you can satisfy the hunger of a family with some bread

    Hot Meal

    For 5.- we can distribute a generous and nutritious portion of hot food


    For 10.- you can protect a person from the hard cold

    Winter packages

    For 30.- you donate a package with the most important items for winter survival. The packages are compiled individually for the needs of the camp residents and contain, among other things, clothing, food or heating elements.

    Construction of houses for refugees

    A large number of Syrian refugees have been fleeing destruction and certain death since the outbreak of the civil war more than a decade ago. Since then, many of them live under the most inhumane and catastrophic circumstances.
    Especially in winter, the situation is critical to life-threatening, because the tents often offer too little protection from the cold and wet.

    Build a house for refugees with us:
    – Own toilet and sink for better hygiene and more dignity.
    – Colorful design for some color in the dreary everyday life of refugees
    – Small garden for self-sufficiency with fruits and vegetables
    – Associated infrastructure with roads against the mud
    – Weatherproof concrete offers protection from the elements

    Do you share our vision? Then join us in building “the Village of colours” for a better future!

    With your donation, we can support such campaigns, among others.
    We refer to the provisions of our donation regulations.