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About Us​

Our guiding values


Sustainable improvement comes from sustainable ideas. We attach great importance to projects that change the lives of those who need them in the long term.


Open communication with donors, partners and people in need is important to us. We are open to all questions and concerns. We attach great importance to regular reporting on the progress of projects.


We are constantly trying to come up with new ideas and concepts to make our projects as efficient and useful as possible.

Our work in the field

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Our philosophy

Barakah means “blessing”.

Our goal is to carry this blessing of Switzerland throughout the world and use it for the benefit of the needy in this world. On the one hand, our aid is intended for the poorest people in this world, whom we wish to help themselves to increase their standard of living in the long term. On the other hand, we want to provide first aid to people in need through emergency aid in crisis areas in order to actively preserve life and help cover the increased need for assistance.

Our principle of aid is based on work efficiency and the optimal use of your donations. We are aware of our responsibility towards people and the planet. We strive to make our projects as sustainable as possible, not only to help those in need for as long as possible, but also to help the environment.

Our unique approach is based on using creative ideas and lots of effort to get the most out of your donation. Even if we can’t save the world, we can make it better in many places by joining forces. With small steps and a lot of sincerity and hope for many “Barakah”, we want to make a big difference.

With your commitment or your donation, we work with you for a blessed future for the poor and needy of this world!

Emergency help

We keep a portion of donations for emergency relief and disasters. Wherever something happens in the world, we respond with rapid assistance.

Orphans and education

We support orphans with a long-term program and help schools and students by covering school fees and providing school materials.

Water and development aid

We fund wells, help people around the world have access to clean water, and participate in projects that fundamentally change people's lives so they can escape the cycle of poverty.

Medical help

We support and finance projects in the field of health and operations through basic medical care as well as hospital assistance.

Our team

Picture of Salman Sagir

Salman Sagir

CEO Germany

Picture of Mohamad Ajami

Mohamad Ajami


Picture of Muatasim Bouhouch

Muatasim Bouhouch


Our Reports

Picture of Annual report 2022

Annual report 2022

Here you will find the report of 2022 - enjoy reading!

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Picture of Revised financial report 2022

Revised financial report 2022

Here you will find the financial report for 2022 - enjoy reading!

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Picture of Annual report 2021

Annual report 2021

Here you will find the report of 2021 - enjoy reading!

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Picture of Annual report 2020

Annual report 2020

Here you will find the report of 2020 - enjoy reading!

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Picture of Annual report 2019

Annual report 2019

Here you will find the report for our founding year 2019 - enjoy reading!

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