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Akika / Nider


Akika / Nider

Akika refers to donation of an animal on the occasion of the birth of a child. For a newborn boy 2 animals are donated and for a girl 1 animal.

The akika is a recommended act and is even considered obligatory by some scholars, as the hadith states “Every (newborn) boy is pledged by his akika”

Among the wisdom of the Akika according to the scholars:

– An expression of gratitude to Allah for the gift of the child’s grace

– Liberation of the newborn to intercede for the parents

-Sharing joy through the donation of the meat

If you cannot or do not want to perform the slaughter yourself, it is possible to hire someone else to do it.

We will gladly accept the donation for an Aqiqa and carry it out for you in Malawi! The East African country is located in one of the poorest regions of the world and every Aqiqa means a feast for the local people, because only very few can afford meat.

For 85.- we can do an Akika for you in Malawi and distribute to the needy on site!

May Allah accept your good deeds and bless your children, Amin

With your donation, we can support such campaigns, among others.

We refer to the provisions of our donation regulations.

“Every (newborn) boy is pledged by his aqiqah” (Abu Dawud).