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Barakah Friday

Barakah Friday
Your donation has the power to save lives. The smallest amount counts.


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    Your donation has the power to save lives. Every donation helps.

    Barakah Friday

    Barakah Friday – We help about 500 people a week!

    There are so many refugee camps that we are not yet able to reach, and many other countries where people are going hungry. Our goal is to expand our help by distributing hot meals every week in the refugee camps so that more people get a proper meal at least once a week.

    To achieve this, we need your support! For example, you can set up a standing order for 5.- per week, and thanks to your generosity, we can provide a hot meal every week to the neediest people in refugee camps around the world.

    With your donation, we can support such campaigns, among others.

    We refer to the provisions of our donation regulations.