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Water tanks for refugee camps

Des réservoirs d'eau pour les camps de réfugiés
Your donation has the power to save lives. Every donation helps.


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    Your donation has the power to save lives. Every donation helps.

    Water tanks for refugee camps

    In the heart of the refugee camps, a worrying situation calls for an immediate solidarity-based response: the alarming shortage of drinking water. Essential infrastructure such as water networks and wells are cruelly lacking, leaving camp residents in a precarious situation. Faced with this difficult reality, the need to ensure a regular supply of clean and safe water has become an urgent and vital priority.

    Increasingly high temperatures make the situation even more urgent. As the heat rises, the need for water increases exponentially. The lack of clean water increases health risks, especially for children and the elderly, who are more susceptible to diseases related to contaminated water.

    Your support makes a difference. With your contribution, you can ensure that water tanks are installed in the fields, providing safe drinking water on a regular basis. Remember that water is synonymous with life! Every drop counts and every donation helps save lives by providing vital access to this essential resource.

    With your donation, we can immediately support such projects, among others.
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